Blender Fake Arms Animating Question

Hey, currently trying to set up some fake arms for a FPS game I’m working on.
I’m relatively new to blender animating so maybe this is a beginner mistake?

Got the arms rigged and all, but the problem is how it looks when I try to move it. Need it to look more natural.
Here’s what it looks like when I try to bend the arm:

Here’s the topology:

(Spikey thing is part of the rig, ignore it)

If anyone knows how to solve this, please feel free to share your ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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Your IK seems to be set up properly with it’s Pole Target - however until the skinned mesh feature is released, you won’t be able to export this armature to Roblox anyways.

As for your solution, here’s a visual of how to go about correcting your topology for most joints:

Granted, I also think the distortions are coming from you connecting your bone to your mesh in a weird way (you can see that the upper arm’s connecting point at the elbow doesn’t move its faces), but I don’t know enough about armatures to comment on that.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Kind of fixed it with editing the weight map.
I’ll try this out to see if it works smoother in a bit.