Blender Files (obj & fbx) invisible to one developer in Team Create

I’m working with another developer in a private group game created by the group owner, we have team create enabled and he’s a blender artist. When he imports an obj or fbx file into the game as a mesh, I can see it sometimes, other times I can’t see it. We’ve noticed that sometimes if the cylinder isn’t edited in any way, I can see it just fine, however once he edits it (in blender) in any way, and then imports it, I cannot see it (besides the red selection box indicating he has the model selected).

We can’t really find the issue, we’ve tried numerous fixes, another issue is we cannot find anyone else suffering from the same problem, this is hindering our game development so I’d appreciate any help.
(the same thing happens when he imports .obj/fbx models from the internet, or if I try to import it, the opposite happens, he can’t see it himself.)

NOTE : When I restart Studio (or him), we can see the mesh… this must occur for each mesh imported and it’s driving me crazy!

I’ve restarted studio numerous times, used different groups and games, everything.
Thanks for your assistance

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Try installing and reinstalling roblox studio.