Blender Help (Outlines)

im trying to create the armor :

but I cant figure out how to make an outline:
How do I create an outline?

Ok I also had this problem but I have this tip so what you do is grab the armor multiplicate it and scale it so it is bigger and what you do is go to edit mode and flip the Normal, to do it I think it’s in Meshes normal then flip. and you import them to Roblox and the one you scaled you color it and the outline will appear.

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If I understood correctly, you want to use the knife tool. Go to modeling tab and you can equip the knife tool by selecting all your mesh’s faces (Press A) and pressing Shift + K. You can cancel the knife by right clicking and you can use it by left clicking. Once you have the outline ready you press the SpaceBar to confirm it. I also highly recommend using the mirror modifier to make it easier (if you aren’t using it already).

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By outline, you want to trace the dark gray side of Kirito’s armor? Well if you want that, you might want to use the knife tool (Tab > A > Shift + K), then after you scaled, switch to face select mode (If I’m not wrong) by clicking this:

Select the outline by clicking it with Shift (If I’m wrong, use ctrl) and select the outline, press E to add more face (It’ll raise it).

If it doesn’t work, contact me on Discord (iamsoarte#2312), I’ll help you and if I’m free I can call you to teach you briefly.

Thank you for the help, I tried it and it works!