[Blender] How to fix pixelated/blurry textures?

Hello there! :wave:t2:

I’m basically posting this to see if anyone has any different scenarios on how to deal with blurry clothes/face textures in Blender. I’ve tried a few different solutions, and whilst some of them work, I’d like to see if anyone else has any suggestions that might work better. Plus, this could probably help a lot of other people with the same problem as I’ve seen it around a few times in some peoples renders.

I’ve tried putting the textures into a 2X Resizer, and that has worked and made the textures look a lot more crisper than usual, but there’s still some blurring here and there. Whilst I don’t mind it, I’d still prefer to have the textures look as fine as possible if this can be accomplished. But if not, this’ll be my solution for now.

I’ve also tried putting the textures into “Closest”, rather than “Linear”, and that seems to help a little but not as much as it used to in older versions of Blender (I’m currently using 2.82).

Image Examples

How the textures look without any resizing/modifying:
See how the face is quite blurry and just looks all around kind of weird?

How the textures look when they’ve been resized/modified:
The face is a lot more clearer than it originally was but still has some blurriness here and there. However, I’m pretty okay with this result. Also the clothes are still blurry to some extent (Which I don’t know if that can be fully fixed or not, might depend on the clothes themselves). But again, it’s bareable.

So, as I said before. I’m basically wondering if anyone else has any other way of accomplishing sharper textures? I’m sure we all have our own methods, and whilst It’ll be helpful for me who’s trying out all sorts of techniques to find the best result, I figured it’d also be helpful for those starting out in Blender who’re having the same issue and don’t know what to do about it.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


I’ve never used this method, but converting an image to an .svg and scaling it up in your image software usually keeps the resolution the same. Here’s a good description of this from the .svg wiki:

To continue, this isn’t much of a Blender thing than it seems just like you’re using low res textures, which if you’re ripping them off of Roblox, yea everything is low res haha. If you want actually clean textures, convert to .svg, scale up, then convert back to .png at a higher res. For renders, it isn’t uncommon to use 1k, 2k or even 4k depending on the complexity, just be ready for long render times :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! I’ll try this method out and see if it gives me any better results that the methods I’ve tired already.