(Blender, Maya, etc.) 3D Gun Modeler Needed (From the creators of Operation Scorpion) - EQUITY BASED


The Maximillian Studios team is currently onward into creating a new FPS game with a huge battlefield, destructible environments, vehicles, and more! This is a massive project, so an expansion in our team is needed. We are looking for the creative developers on this platform to create models of weapons with the use of a 3D modeling software.

For this new game, we will be going for a lower poly style.

For those who have not heard of Operation Scorpion, you can try it out here:

We’ve been dedicated to trying to expand the horizon of what this platform is capable of doing. And we hope to take more people with us towards this mission. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us by replying below or dm cbmaximillian#0030.

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Bump, if anyone’s still interested. It will be the last and most interesting project the studio will tackle under this platform.

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