Blender Models Feedback

Hello! I’ve recently decided to start learning Blender so I watch a few tutorial videos & learnt the basics. I made 2 models using only Blender & I’m looking for feedback on them. Thanks :slight_smile:

First Image – Chair

Second Image – Keycard Scanner

I know they’re not the best models in the world but for my first time, I think I did alright. Thoughts?


Certainly not bad for the first time. Keep up the great work.

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You did alright for your first run! For me, my favorite is by far the keycard scanner. I don’t know what it is about that I like, perhaps the shape of the corners? Or the red scanner? Well, whatever it is! It’s perfect! For the chair though, I have some concerns. I noticed that the chair has a slightly blocky feel to it, kind of low poly. And the sides of the chair look kind of choppy and not really smooth. But, on the pros! The shape is very recognizable and it looks like a chair. And second, it looks comfy!

Love to see more of these!

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Good job for your first time! I really like the keycard scanner, for the chair tho try changing the material a little it might look better and next time try to use cylinders for the legs of the chair blocky ones look a little weird and for the keycard try to push up the red part it looks pushed back a bit, but great job regardless!

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Pretty good for your first time! The only thing I would personally change is changing the shading on the chair to “shade smooth”, so the corners are not as sharp.

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