Blender models not working

Hi guys, I have been trying to put blender models into Roblox. Everything goes well until this pop up happens:

I have pressed both buttons but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thank you! :happy2:


\Send a screenshot of what mesh are you trying to import.

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Okay, here you go:

Every blender thing I try to export to a mesh part doesn’t export.


Try checking the face orientation. If you pressed Yes on the location data, consider pushing no instead.
Your mesh might also be too small or too big.

Make sure it doesn’t go over limit or it won’t work. What file format are you exporting meshes into?

I had this problem before, what I usually do is:
1. Export it again
2. I move the mesh that has been wrongfully exported around a couple of times till it decides to go to the right position
Hope this helps!
Edit: When moving around a mesh move it then export it again and keep doing the same process until it does what it is suppose to do :+1:
Edit 2: One more thing: image
Select Mesh you want to export
Make sure you selected EXPORT BY FBX then set the scale to 0.01 and then :white_check_mark: selected objects

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I did your method, And it did this:

  1. Make sure you did the steps correctly
  2. If it doesn’t work then restart Blender maybe…? I don’t know at this point. Sorry.

Can I just use a free model? This is making my head hurt.

Using free model is looked down upon, also there are some viruses in free models and they might not be up to your expectations. But if you want, then you can I guess.

I found the problem. I think. I forgot to scale the model.

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Where is the scaling option. I have my model selected. Here’s an image:

When you select Export by FBX It shows to the left, the size and make sure to :white_check_mark: Selected objects.

Select File > Export > FBX

I did everything correct. It’s still not working.

I can’t help you then, just try to restart Blender. If that doesn’t work then maybe go to the link in the error for help? I hope you find the issue soon.

For me when this happened, I just exported the file to another name which helped and made it appear. Tell me if it works or not.

It sometimes go over the object limit. What file are you using?

I have a few questions.

  1. Are they separate objects?

  2. Are they vertex painted/materials in blender?

If they are painted/with materials then you wont have a texture when you import and the mesh will be grey, If they are separate objects you may get an error when not using multiple import. Also try to import as OBJ rather than FBX