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Hello I recently tried making renders of roblox characters with UGC items on them like hair, some other kind of stuff. When I placed them into the rig everything was loading fine, usually blender would make the hats/hairs transparent and to fix that you would have to go into shading and change it from alpha to something else but when I tried doing that only the roblox made items became un-transparent the UGC weren’t effected with the change, I don’t know how to fix it, does anyone have any clue on this?

Btw I’m using PaintRigV3 for the rig of the render

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All I can say is, you’re not supposed to connect the alpha node to another node, that supposed to be removed to make “Certain” ROBLOX accessories not transparent. I encountered this problem before because some UGC Creators use the Alpha Node to complete their FInal Product. Try saving your work, then re-open Blender and Un-Connect the Alpha Node to all accessories. Let me know if this helped you! :heart:

Default Blender behavior sets the mesh texture not only as the Base Color, but also as the Alpha texture, causing many items to appear transparent (as the Alpha texture is how you change transparency of some items when modeling). Removing this should fix all your issues! This can be done by “Removing” the texture in your properties sidebar, or deleting/disconnecting it in the “Shading” tab.

Your explanation seems a bit confusing, is it possible to show it visually via pictures/gifs, sorry for the trouble.

All you need to do is delete the hat material, make a new one and set the colour to the image texture, PaintRigV3 stuffs up the image texture. If you have trouble, I’ll send you photos

Photos would be useful, thanks.

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Hope this helps:

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Hey, thanks for the help it helped but now I have another problem, again sorry for the trouble but when I try uploading the textures its not properly fitted to the rig.

again sorry for the inconvenience.

Make sure when you export the texures, you export as R6, you probably exported the character as R15

Yea I just realized, tysm again.

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