Blender paints wrong color in texture painter

Hi everybody,
I am currently texturing a mesh for my friend’s game in Blender, however when I try to paint using the image editor, it paints the wrong color:

I’ve selected the color to be the same as the background on the photo above, but as you can see, it’s painting a lighter color. This isn’t happening when I paint in the viewport and I only experiencing this problem on a BumpMap texture.

Any clue why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thanks!

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Try disabling Strength Pressure, although, looking at the color you have selected and the color you wrote ‘Wrong Color!’, it seems to be the same…?


I’ve disabled strength pressure and nothing seems to have changed. The selected color has an RGB value of (188,188,188) while the color painted has an RGB value of (233,233,233). When I paint directly onto the mesh, it paints in the right color.

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