Blender : Pistol creation

Hello !

After many tests, I finally managed to build my first pistol on Blender, I do not like at all what I done and would like to have opinions on what I should improve and / or change.

Thank you, Arkola_Rbx.


Looks great, however I think the handle/mag is a big too big, perhaps consider squeezing it in a bit?


Yes you’re right, i tought the same !

Looks good, but like @Crrustyy said, magazine and handle are a little big. Also most pistol have sights on top of the gun. If you added them it would be more realistic:


Try messing around with the pistol grip until it looks just right. Maybe adding sights and tactical rails would be cool.

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Thank you very much i forgot that !

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Looks like the real thing but with no colour good job on the build tho we’ll done

how do you make the pistol sharp though?