Blender Question please!

Hello! I’m new to DevForum so I apologize if it put it on the wrong topic, anyway I have a question for people who use Blender, Blender 2.8 in particular…I’m a noob when it comes to Blender and I’ve just made GFXs fun but I’m trying to get better.

The Image which I hope loaded above…if you look close there are like ‘noise’ in the final render and I no idea how to get rid of that but the big issue is in the water the black stuff, do you know what could be the cause and how to fix it because I changed the sun in many different directions but it didn’t let the situation that much.
Be as brutal as you need I can take criticism, just tell me ways to improve. Thank you


Try using the “Shading” option to create renderings and in “Output Properties” configure the dimensions you want.

And on the “Render Properties” tab, you can also explore several other options to make your thumbnail even better! :smiley:

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Oh! I see thank you! It worked for me

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Hey so are you using cycles or eevee?

I was used cycles since it said it was better for shadows

Okay so, if you want to solve the noise in cycles you can go to render properties > Sampling > Denoise > switch it to OpenImageDenoise (or Optix if you have a modern nvidia GPU). You can get away with using lower sampling count but bare in mind some artifacts will start to appear like some kind of a brush effect.

For eevee just increase sample count. it will make rendering longer BUT less chances of seeing noise popping here and there.

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Will try! Thank you very much!

if you got a problem, issue and even a question about gfx in general tell me in DM and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Okay! Thanks, sorry I keep saying thank but thank you! I’ll dm you if I have more issues