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I recently got into blender in order to make a thumbnail for my game. I know how to import my characters and texture them inside of blender, however there is one glaring issue I am having.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move my ROBLOX characters limbs. I’ve tried using the edit mode, however it just grabs a random section and stretches it out. Below are some screenshots of what I mean:

Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve experienced the same issues before, the only solution I’ve found is to download and use a rig and import your character onto the rig.

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Google is your friend.


I don’t know why you would want to bend the limbs on your imported mesh. Just import the Texture onto a Rig. The one, that I use is:

The video is old and outdated.

I have attempted to do as it says, however the UI has been completely revamped since the video was released. Right clicking on any arm or leg does not work as I cannot select the arms or legs, it just selects the whole rig.

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First, go into wireframe mode. Then, get the select tool and select the bit you want to bend. This can take a bit of adjusting but it’s fairly simple, I personally use 2.7 so I wouldn’t really be able to help a 2.8 user but that’s the best I can do right now. The whole point of the wireframe mode is so you select all the sides of the arm and not just 1.

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I figured it out.

Basically I uninstalled 2.8 blender and went and found the old 2.7 install file and used that instead. Now that I am back in 2012, all the tutorials are relevant and I can select limbs.

You can also create a blender armature rig using the rigify plugin in blender. I use the basic rig option when rigging up my Roblox characters, and I find it to work the best when rigging up r15 blocky Roblox characters like yours.

To parent the rig to the character all you have to do is first click on the character. Next hold shift and click on the rig. Finally press Ctrl + p on your keyboard, and use automatic weights.

Also another tip is to make sure that the rig is the scaled to the proper size before parenting the rig to the character.

One way you can do this, is by going into edit mode by pressing the tab key. Once your in edit mode you can edit each bone individually, or you can select multiple bones by pressing shift, and then press on the bones you would like to edit.

Hopefully I helped you to see a more modern way of moving your characters limbs in blender 2.8. If you need more help just message me.