Blender Render Engine - Eevee or Cycles?

Hello artists!
I am currently wondering what render engine I should use for my GFX in Blender. I’ve heard that Cycles is really realistic, but renders slowly. But for Eevee, it isn’t as realistic as Cycles, but you can see what the render will look like real-time and renders quickly.
I would love to get your opinions on this!

  • I prefer Eevee
  • I prefer Cycles

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Cycles all the way. I switched from Eevee to Cycles and liked Cycles more, even though the render time was a bit longer. There are so many more possibilites.

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I use Eevee because it’s not as noisey and complex as Cycles.

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I use cinema 4d as it has really crisp and fast renders, but cycles is better but it took 40 mins for me to render a scene where as if I used Eevee it would only take a few seconds.

Eevee is superior in speed and fast renders but as a sacrifice, takes realistic shadows out of the way and chucks them through the window like a mad fire.

Cycles is the calm lad with a heavy dose of patience, giving you nice shadows and renders as long as you know how to utilize samples, shorten render speeds, and use the denoise node properly:

Use eevee if you want rushed and quick renders but plain boring shadows/little details. Use cycles if you want nice non-bias shadows/renders and you have the time to do so or you know how to use the denoise node with low sample counts.

Denoise tutorial:

Faster render times tutorial (works with blender 2.8 but you’ll have to sway and move around the blender a little more, easy if you know your way around blender though :man_shrugging:)

And both of those renders only needed about 10-20 sample counts and took only 4 - 6 minutes without a GPU. :sunglasses:

also, why can only artists vote in the polls :pensive:


I 100% recommended using cycles. It just gives better quality and realism to the render.
I would recommend watching videos about cycles as well, one good youtuber is Alexander GFX and music.

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Cycles is definitely your friend. I can’t add on a whole lot because most of it has been said but like others have said Eevee is good for fast renders. Most scenes and stuff I’ll tend to use Cycles despite the longer render time because of how much better is looks. There are also plenty of good denoisers out there and the one that comes with Blender is good. One thing to note, if you have a newer Nvidia graphics card, they have a new AI denoiser that works very well that you could try.


  1. Shows better light
  2. better detail
  3. It’s just better in every way
    the only reason you would use eevee is for like lightning speed render but if your looking to get hired by someone then use cycles

I feel oppressed as someone who uses Eevee.

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