Blender rig bending weirdly when using multiple parts

So I want to use multiple parts and connect a bone structure to both so they both move together smoothly but one is bigger so I’m not sure what’s causing this but the “outline” object which is a copy of the main object always bends weird? Any suggestions I’ve see this done all the time smoothly with no issues so I’m not sure.


This is an interesting setup. Obvious use is
clothing. If you copy the object after it is weighted to the rig, it shouldn’t do this. Key word: shouldn’t. I just saw a video how to fix something like this, let me see if I can dig it out of my phones history.

Meanwhile, look at the vertex groups for these 2 parts, the outer part does not appear to be influenced at all by the first bone

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alright let me test this out thankyou for responding this is kinda the only thing hindering me in my game dev right now let me test.

This is as easy as it gets! And now that I know about it, I want to go back and fix my character!

Daily Blender Tip 242 - Easily Rig Clothing (Blender 2.7 & 2.8) - YouTube

wow I really appreciate the help,
this image show what happens when I bend it, I believe because the inner part has more cuts in so I should just add more cuts to the bigger outline? also if I were to want to add “veins” as a part design would I just add a shrinkwrap to one of these parts? how would I get the veins to bend with the parts? my idea is to have a tail and add veins to it that bend with the tail and the tails outline, thankyou!

I tried the vein thing earlier with shrinkwrap but the veins don’t bend with the mesh, I’ve seen it done in a game though just wondering

First, yes, since you are wrapping parts around parts, use the same level of subdivisions on both parts.

I have not messed with shrinkwrap, but veins should be the same as clothes. Copy the vertex groups of the smaller part.

Another option, but might be a bit further along your learning, is to sculpt the veins on a high poly version of the model, then bake them into the texture. I’m just now getting to this part of my blender tutorials. It’s pretty intense!

I’m just meant using part based designs, what do you mean by the vertex groups? you mean copy the vertex group for the bone rigged part and add it to the vein or? Kinda confused

Check out the YT video I linked, the modifier is called “Data Transfer” and you can use it to copy the vertex groups (weight painting) of the part you like to all other parts, and they should all move the same.


Alright thankyou. I appreciate it.