Blender + Roblox animating


I meant the ones in the tool, which you did in the first stages of the tutorial.

Yeah i did but it still shows me the error and btw i changed it from toros to right lower arm maybe hand if i want

Slap a motor6d from the hand to the katana, move the joints if needed. Export it into blender via the same blender anim export tool.

Once exported/saved model, go to blender and import as usual. The katana should come with it.

There shouldn’t be anything special/different about this process.

Hmmm. It worked perfectly for me. @Headstackk, this is your tutorial, so you will know how to fix the issues. Please come and help!

Well I don’t want to export the sword and the rig i can just animate it in studio but the motor 6D is messing me up

Make sure all Motor6Ds has a Part1, check every one of them.

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