Blender + Roblox animating

Hi i watched several tutorials on this but when i select a R15 rig and then use the blender animations plugin in conjunction with blender 2.8 and the blender 2.8 V2 file it won’t work it shows a huge error and i see a brick on 0,0,0 and the character is offset ed quite a bit.

1 questions also i want to animate it with a katatana so can i import it along with the rig or use the .obj file i made it with thank you!


You could use the default Roblox animator and animate the katana with the rig. In case you don’t know how to animate a rig with a tool, here you go:

My point is that you don’t need blender to make an animation.

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I thought it will be alot smoother with blender and im making an equip anim that the players pulls out the kantana from the sheathe


Oh, believe me, roblox animator can be smooth. I’ve done some crazy things with it.

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The guy used Motor6D and he said it won’t work with mesh parts but my sword is a mesh part with a texture. I really want it to move in sync with the hand and how long does it take for you to animate a smoot anim with the roblox plugin?

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This is tool i made it look like that with tool grip editor

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One easy solution is to make an invisible part and weld it to the handle of the MeshPart.

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How would i weld it using weld constraints or by scripting it?

If you are cloning the tool to a player then just do weld constraints, no need for scripting(I think so).

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I welded it with a invis part and using weld constraint made the handle massless and made it invisible and can collide on. It only moves with the sword when constraints is enabled. And then do i do Motor6D with the handle since its a base part it should work
Test 1: Mesh part only
Test 2: Handle Part and Mesh Part not tool grip edited
Test 3: Handle Part and Mesh Part welded and tool griped

Can i use test 3 with the tutorial you linked me @Theyoloman1920 ?

Yes I am quite sure you can. Please tell me if it worked

So, he said so, but it worked for my mesh.
Also if you enable IK, it’s easy

Alright and im a bit confused im animating on a R15 char and it has lower torso and upper torso which torso do i add the motor 6d to?

Lower, but you can also do it at the hand if you want to

No, he said that for some reason the Animation Editor breaks if you try to move a part with the name of MeshPart. It’s an easy fix, just rename the mesh part.

I did lower torso and it showed me the expected behavior

And if i animate will it automatically go to the hand or? Do i need to tool grip edit it?

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This happen because of the other welds, or because you have put the motor6Ds in the wrong place. Try removing the welds and making a union with every part except for the “Body Attach”.

Edit: sorry that I didn’t answer earlier, The notifications wouldn’t appear.