Blender Solidify Modifier Distortion

Hello Developers. I’m in the process of making a plane tail for an A320 I’m making but there are multiple problems. In blender when I apply the solidify modifier, the window region is heavily distorted. I don’t know where to begin to try to fix it because its directly with the modifier itself, what alternatives could I use? Any replies or solutions are greatly appreciated.


Did you tried to turn “Even Thickness” on?

indeed I did, but it only made the distortion worse, But I believe I have a solution now. Someone in HiddenDevs told me to fix the topology, so that’s what I’m trying to do at the moment.

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Maybe it’s because of their normals (direction of the face). You need to enable backface culling.

Some of the faces are facing inside and outside.

To fix these you need to select all the faces, and Ctrl + Shift + N and change the facing direction.

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Thank you for the help, this did in a way fix my problem, however, I think I may have to use an alternative to the solidify modifier as when I recalculate the inside, the inside of the cabin is fixed and is smooth, but the outside is distorted. Then when I recalculated the outside, the inside was distorted. Again, Thank you

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From the looks of things, I’d say the problem lies in edges and vertices being too close to each other and overlapping when using the solidify modifier. I highly suggest checking those out and doing some retopo and see if that fixes the problem.

possible solutions:

-fix topology
-extrude instead of soldify
-enable double sided in studio instead of soldify

btw soldify is the worst modifier, never use it