Blender stupid question

I’ve recently shown more interest to learn about Blender or GFX world because I’m starting to notice that builders are gettings like lost, we don’t find great job opportunities, and you know.

The issue that I found, and it’s my issue because I don’t know how to do it + I’m making a post just for this…

How do I edit this equal to the other side while I’m on the second photo position, what’s the key combination? I tried asking friends, but they couldn’t know.

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Here’s a more important question. Why does your Mesh have so many Vertexes on a flat surface? All those extra Faces will cause your Mesh to lag more.

To answer your question, search YouTube for videos on Mirror Modifiers.

This isn’t a Blender forum, so you should probably search for answers to questions like this on a Blender based forum.


It’s a Roblox developing forum, which relates to all of it specialities, from GFX artists to Community Managers. It’s for Roblox, as it’s a mesh for my game, so I think that is related to Roblox.

Thank you for your suggestion of unadding vertexes, I’ll try to improve on that.

i think you mean auto-mirror. (not rlly sure):

Go into Blender and Press “Edit”.

then click “Preferences” And search “Auto Mirror” then select it.

Close the Preferences tab and click “N” on your keyboard. then select “Edit”.

Now click on “Auto mirror”.

Go experiment with it a little bit, and you’ll see how it works :wink:

i just made a little thing with it

Nope, I guarantee ur wrong coz the reason hes using blender is for ROBLOX games…
And if hes facing an issue with blender, hes free to ask for help here.

you can use “Mirror Modifier” to replicate what ur doing to another side.

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If you were asking about editing both sides, definitely use the mirror modifier. You will need to figure out which axis you are wanting to mirror over. Don’t forget to set the origin to the world cursor first h hiWe FaceTime and have the world cursor in the center. If you were asking about the hot key for looking at the opposite side so you can edit it, pressing Numpad 0 - 9 will give a certain quick view. Pressing CTRL + Numpad 0 - 9 will give you the same view of the other side. Not really sure which one you meant. Let me know if you have any more questions

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select all vertices of the edge and press s then x then 0 . just like that you will get the edge to be straight.

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Update for everyone, I watched a tutorial of how to do a mug and ended up doing a cereal bowl who was 18k triangles so Roblox doesn’t want it…

Spent literally 4 hours on this…

Thanks for the support, I know some modifiers and I’m starting to learn!

Bruh thats not how it works.

This forum welcomes blender posts not sure what you mean. If you don’t believe me, try being on the forums for a day and you’ll see multiple blender related posts.

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As anyone who looks at all the different answers here, some right and some incorrect, what I meant (after I answered his question) was that if you need a good answer to a Blender related question then a Blender related forum would be a much better resource for that.

I also tried to inform him that the number of Vertices on his Mesh was way more than it needs to be. He didn’t seem to listen to that so his cereal bowl ended up with 18k tris.