Blender to Roblox import plugin fails to give access when setting permissions

Currently the blender import plugin is completely broken.

OS: Windows 11
Browser: OperaGX
Date Occurred: 4/1/2024
Blender Version: 4.1
Studio world has team create enabled, and the model already placed in Workspace.

World with the blender model and package link to the issue
ReproBlender.rbxl (2.4 MB)

Issue is shown in the video.

Expected behavior

I expect the system to allow for easy login and setup of the blender plugin, and seamless functionality with importing and updating models within a team create world. I have read that the team create system may be the cause for some issues, but this should not prevent us from having a streamlined workflow.

A private message is associated with this bug report

Additionally, this is being sent in the output.


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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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yeah it works fine for me on Blender 4.0 but I get the same error above for Blender 4.1

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can confirm, we are also on version 4.1

hey, just wanted to follow up on this and see if this was looked into yet. Been severely limiting our workflow process for the past few weeks.