Blender trying to boolean cut into a object not working

Wondering if anyone knows how to boolean cut in the newer versions of blender. Just got back into blender recently and found that the layout for the boolean tool has changed now it is missing Apply and other features and replaced with features i have no clue how to use. I’ve already spent hours surfacing dev-fourms, youtube and other places.

In photo 1 im trying to cut out the object

photo 2 shows the workspace

if you have any links or youtube videos or forums it will be much appreciated

To use the Boolean modifier, in Object Mode, use the Object property to select the other object the Boolean will be applying to.

To apply the modifier, in Object Mode, click the dropdown, and click Apply. Alternatively, you can hover over the Modifier properties window and hit Ctrl + A.

Additionally, I just wanted to point out that if you have Blender-specific questions like this, you should always be searching in Blender-specific sites, forums, and wikis. The Roblox Dev Forums aren’t a great place for Blender questions, and after quickly googling both “Apply Modifier Blender 2.9” and “Boolean Modifier Blender 2.9” resulted in the answers I provided above. :slight_smile: