Blender Tutorial! How To Make Stylized Cartoonish Rocks For Your Game!

Tutorial: How To Make Stylized Rocks For Your Game!!!

Summary of the steps:

  1. First create an icosphere.
  2. Shape it like a rock!
  3. Subdivide it in edit mode.
  4. Sculpt the rock using the scrape brush in sculpting mode.
  5. Duplicate the rock.
  6. Decimate the duplicated rock.
  7. Smart UV unwrap the rock in edit mode.
  8. Add the shrinkwrap modifier on the low poly rock, and make the target the high poly rock.
  9. Export both rocks!
  10. Go to substance painter.
  11. Import the low poly rock.
  12. Click bake maps.
  13. Make sure add the high poly mesh file in the bake settings.
  14. change anti aliasing to 2X2.
  15. Bake map.
  16. Import the rocky material given in the youtube video.
  17. Add it to the rock.
  18. Export.
  19. Put the low poly mesh in Roblox studio and put the base color texture in the Texture ID.

Materials For the Tutorial:
How To Get Substance Painter Free:
Youtuber: Game Dev Academy
Youtube Channel Page:
Tutorial Video Get Substance Painter Free: How to Get SUBSTANCE PAINTER for FREE - YouTube
Summary: Go register for the license, put fake info, and send a fake picture. Then you should be able to download substance painter.
Warning: I’m not sure if this is okay to download it like this for free, but I think it is safe.

Stylized Substance Painter Materials:

Youtuber: Agustín Hönnun
Credit Youtube Channel URL: Agustín Hönnun - YouTube
His Stylized Rock Video: Making a Stylized Rock with Blender and Substance Painter | Speed Modeling - YouTube

This isn’t really part of the tutorial, but I’m also giving away a model if I gain twenty subscribers!