[Blender/CSG] Ballistics shields

Hitman is coming along nicely, almost to the point where I’m needing Shield units for the Police, so i took the liberty to model some shields to be used.

And then the 3D model’s mesh, its very low poly and looks great.

Careful. Even though you made the model, ROBLOX will still delete it probably since it’s an imported mesh.

…If they can find it, that is.

Dear ROBLOX, please delete all CSG unions that have been made from 6/8/2015-current to get rid of any and all imported meshes.
Either or, I’m stilling using it, its mine, its shiny and it cools.

-Insert flame threads on forums about “WHERE DID MY UNIONS GO?! FIX IT!!!”-

I still don’t know why roblox would want to remove it. This should of been a feature already.

On topic: Amazing shields.

On topic: They look great!

Off topic: Wait what? You can make/import your own meshes??? TELL ME MORE!! (I was not aware of this at all… unless that’s using the import .obj script?)

Check out this: www.roblox.com/Free-D-item?id=268859224

It’s with the import .obj script as far as I know. There’s no way to actually import meshes. :confused:

I’m happy now. Blender3D, here I come.

Echo wrote:

I’m happy now. Blender3D, here I come… :smiley:

It’s not a wedge obj importer. Free-D injects meshes into unions.

:open_mouth: I’m getting that too!

The fact Roblox does stuff like that is retarded… Roblox would be so much better if they allowed custom meshes and whatnot. Think of the possibilities :frowning:

I also liked the plugin while it lasted but looking at it in a neutral viewpoint…
Some models people imported are something that weren’t made by them and they just so happen to have grabbed the .obj and imported it in without the creators consent…
I had a go at it with my plane models and I managed to import a F35 aircraft into roblox, it just makes me think how to find ways to improve my building quality without sacrificing too much time on the models themselves and still maintain quality/resemblances like this:

The whole model is originally topping above 100k poly’s (with all its internal weapon bays, missiles/bombs/Gear etc)
I reduced it and destroyed it a bit to make it around 8k poly’s in total with the landing gear and internal compartments stripped of course.

So yeah. I hope someone finds a way and if not… I’d hope for Rbx to come up with a better way of realizing the needs of some people who create 3D models as shown above.

Maybe Roblox is being that parent who can’t let their kid grow up. :smiley:
I mean, actually being able to import meshes into roblox. Imagine the evolution it’d bring. :o