BlenderPlate - Blender Workspace Environment

What is BlenderPlate?

BlenderPlate will turn your Roblox baseplate into the familiar and well-loved Blender environment! If you’re seeking the comfort of Blender within Studio, this might be the plugin for you!


  • Enable BlenderPlate
    Enabling BlenderPlate till instantly turn your environment into the resemblence of Blender

  • Disable BlenderPlate
    If you wish to remove the Blender environment, you can click the button to reinstate the normal Roblox baseplate

  • Toggle Origin Point
    The ability to show/hide the World Origin Point

Try it for yourself here!

Enjoy! This is my first plugin, so let me know have any questions, feedback, or suggestions! :slight_smile:


As someone who uses Blender a lot, this has been very fun to use and I enjoy it a lot! Gives a cool feeling when making builds!

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So far working great, thank you for this fun and creative idea!

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I love this plugin! This makes me feel like I’m working only with one software! It doesn’t make my workflow overwhelming, and I will become more comfortable with Blender if I use this. Thank you for this awesome plugin!

I would also love it if the origin point actually spawned in parts in the desired area and was movable, but I also do as the Roblox object spawned in the middle of the camera. So far, I just love this plugin.


Awesome! Now it’s time to make Blender look like Roblox


or to make roblox have all the features of blender.

i added a lil ‘z’. If you dont mind could i add onto this as a personal project? i won’t publish it.

i think it looks really good

blender gave me ptsd but the plugin looks neat at least
that being said, good job on this. Really encapsulates the look and feel of blender, I’m sure other people will find it useful to make their workflow easier

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I was considering just adding that in by default or having it toggleable also, opted not to :')
Maybe I’ll include it in another update

Feel free to do that yourself as long its not published <3

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Don’t forget to add checks!

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Nicely made, very practical in it’s current stage. Can’t wait to see the future updates.

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