Blinking lights with future lighting

Hello builders and devs!

Recently I’ve been working on a moon base game called “Innovation Inc - Moon Base”
and I decided to add a feature where people can change the game lighting from shadow map lighting to future lighting. kinda like RTX ON/ RTX OFF

However, as soon as I started working on it, I noticed that future lighting is kinda…well…
light bug 2 light bug

you can tell from the gifs…the game somehow can’t render all the shadows but instead, it appears and disappears like blinking lights, I can’t really point my finger on the issue here, I’ve checked all the lights and edited them, the lighting, the parts, nothing works!

I’ve noticed however that some areas don’t have that like this one:

it looks completely fine with no blinking lights, the only thing I thought of is the parts that are used with the lights, but still, I have no idea how to fix the other areas since it never happened to me before.

I don’t want to give up on this idea, at least not yet, and I’m in need of your help if you can.



For some reason, switching to compatibility, voxel, shadow map, and then back to future lighting fixes the problem for me. If that doesn’t work, I would just restart or reinstall Studio.

The funny part: I don’t build with future that often because it’s too laggy for me! :laughing:

I love innovation inc. :3


I wouldn’t have posted this topic if your method worked, but apparently, that’s not the case.


I tried that and it didn’t work for me, but what did was creating a part 100k+ studs away from the rest of your map and then pressing “F” to teleport to it, then selecting a part from your map and teleporting back to it by pressing “F”.


won’t that still happen when people play the game?

This problem hasn’t happened to me before when in game only when in studio, I don’t know how to fix it in game but this should fix the issue while your in studio

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Try reducing the amount of lights Roblox has to render, if there are 2 lights in a fixture then move one to the center and down a bit, this partially fixed the problem for me.

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Sorry, but I don’t think I understood what you mean by that, can you perhaps explain in detail?

You see there are 2 neon bricks in each of these fixtures, I assume they both have individual lights inside them, if you duplicate one and move it to the space between the 2 neon bricks and make it invisible, and then remove the spotlights from the other parts, there are less things for the rendering engine to calculate.


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I have been getting this issue as well and it has been annoying me for so long! I’m surprised this hasn’t been noticed by Roblox staff. (Roblox is pretty busy doing other things from the looks of it) My issue has been occuring in-studio and in-game on my PC

This is one of many places that I have seen this issue present in on one of my WIP games

This issue really needs a look into as it damages the design of games that use it.

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