Blitz Update Log and Credits

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About Blitz
Blitz is a swordfight game with king of the kill and server PvP! Blitz is special because you can buy Roblox created melee weapons such as swords to use them in-game! Check out the gamepass store to help me out and continue to update Blitz! Updates are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Update Log:
Newest Update: Version 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2⚔️

:crossed_swords:Leaderboard! Fight against your friends to see who is the king! (Currently does not save when player leaves)
:hammer:Minor map updates.
:hammer:Map expansion is next update!

Version 0.1.1🎮

:tada:X-Box compatibility release!
:fireworks:Fireworks for X-Box Support!
:hammer: Map expansion and partial revamp underway!

Version 0.1.0🎉

:tada:Release! Wooo!
:hammer:Map expansion and partial revamp underway!
:fireworks:Fireworks for Independence Day!

Version 0.0.5

:paintbrush:Logo rebranding
:crossed_swords:Brand new sword
:computer:Preparations for release! :astonished:

Version 0.0.4

:scroll:Updated description
:computer:Preparing for release! :astonished:

Version 0.0.3

:notes: New music by Jordan Maron
:computer: New temporary spawn

Version 0.0.2

New spawn island
Big bug fixes
Major updates to the game entirely

Version 0.0.1

Revamp announced and started

Builder: @ColdCr4ft
Modeler: @ColdCr4ft
Programmer: @ColdCr4ft / @couldbeyou
Beta Tester: @Coiuntdooku

Moonbeam by Jordan Maron
Original Audio Link: Jordan Maron - Moonbeam - YouTube