Block Battle Guide and Updates

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Twitter (for updates!): kevo1utionRBX


  1. You are placed on a random team color with an associated fortress (block tower). The goal of this game is to protect the orbs of your block tower and destroy the orbs of other block towers.
  2. Each fortress has three orbs with a large amount of health. If all three of your team’s orbs have been destroyed, then you are immediately teleported to the lobby.
  3. There is one main currency at the moment: coins. Coins are earned through winning matches and getting kills. You can use coins to purchase better tools and weapons.


  1. You are given 4 tool types: melee, range, explosive, and build.
  2. You cannot destroy team blocks or team kill. Explosives will not deal damage to the player who dropped the explosive. This makes it very effective to try to push onto other team’s fortresses to plant explosives.
  3. You can build blocks on top of anything including the void. Building is crucial to fortifying your block tower and sneaking up on enemy players.


6/14/2018 - Complete Weapon Overhaul. Added weapons including guns, and much better weapon animations!

6/3/2018 - Added boomboxes, and 2 new maps (Ice Kingdom and Forgotten). Balanced orb health and fixed 2nd chance prompt.
5/26/2018 - CLASSES: Added a class system where you can unlock many different classes by leveling up. Fixed major bugs, and added 2 amazing maps! UFO and Ruins.
5/22/2018 - MAPS: added 2 maps and created a voting system for intermission. Matches are now restricted to 20 minutes.

5/18/2018 - MASSIVE UPDATE: added leveling system and character upgrading, trap block!
5/15/2018 - RELEASE!!!

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