Block Invasion - A classic 2D arcade game

I’ve been messing around with GUI’s again and this what I’ve come up with:

[center]Block Invasion[/center]



It is very difficult but fun, I suppose. All you do is shoot the little boxes that come at you. Some of them have 2 health (orange and medium grey) so shoot again if they don’t die! The controls are in the description. I know this could have been developed more, but I need to move onto more complex 2D games. :slight_smile: I’ve learned what I needed to learn, so yea.

Simple and fun!

There’s hard, and then there’s hard, and then there’s this.


The explosion effect is really cool too.


update:new record 591

Super fun. Song reminds me of Final Fantasy 7

Been using Final Fantasy music in all my games, I love the old SNES tunes.