Block Tweening Help?

local moveblock = TweenService:Create(block,, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear), {Position = blockcheckpoint.Position})
print('playing tween')
print('end tween')

when I play that it tween, it prints playing tween, waits 3 seconds and then tweens. after it prints end tween, it almost instantly teleports it to the next spot but you can still see it tween. Is there any way to make it slowly move to the next position in the 3 seconds?

local moveblock = TweenService:Create(block,, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, Enum.EasingDirection.Out), {Position = blockcheckpoint.Position})
print('playing tween')
print('end tween')

You didn’t specify an “EasingDirection”.

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is there a way to do it without easing direction? i looked at the easing direction options and it looks like it makes it change speed.

just tested easing direction and it still does the ame thing

Or you make the blockcheckpoint closer or you put more seconds

Snipping this post, wrong thread.

ive tried making the seconds longer but it just waits longer before it tweens and still tweens fast like what its currently doing

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I think it might have to do with the :Wait() but I’m not sure. Try maybe connecting a function?

Also, the tweeninfo defaults to easing style linear and easing direction.out so you just need to put 3 in there.

I’ll use your script in my roblox studio and try to fix it

would you need me to provide more of the script?

without the :Wait() it doesnt wait 3 sec before tweening but it still tweens to the next position in like .2 sec or smth

I think yes because it looks normal for me:

If you send would be really helpful

	local speed = EnemyData[tostring(entity)].speed
	while reachedend == false do
		local nextpath = path:GetChildren()
		if (#nextpath > 0) then
			path = nextpath[1]

			local pathparent = path.Parent

			local distance = (pathparent.Position - path.Position).Magnitude
			--distance*defspeed*speed (supposed to replace the 3
			local movetween = TweenService:Create(entity,, {Position = nextpath.Position})
			print('playing tween')
			reachedend = true
			print('reached end')
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How many children do the path have? Edit: Sorry for the late answer

Wait so you’re tweening the position of the entity to next path, which is a table. Because next path is path:getchildren() which returns a table

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It is a table if path have more than 1 children

Oh it isn’t, getchildren is a table same if there’s just 1 children

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It’s like {Position = path:GetChildren().Position}


You should specify to which part you want tween