Blockbotany Update Log

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Latest update: Alpha 1.1.0 (03.05.2024)

new content:

  • added a new npc: Willy, which arrives to Leafside occasionally on his boat to sell the player a selection of 4 items
  • added a preview for the upcoming Leafside rework which you can access at the (now finished) bridge
  • added 3 new crops:
  • added 19 new blocks:
    -Blue Rug
    -Strange Statue
    -Copper Buddy
    -The Throne
    -Gold Chandelier
    -Heater Lantern
    -Ice Coffee Table
    -“Employee of the Month”
    -“On The Beach”
    -“The Lighthouse”
    -“Lily of The Valley”
    -StarGuy Memorial


  • added a hinge to show the front of a block preview
  • the music is now quieter
  • remodeled the Display Stand
  • item regenerators now have max spawns at which they will no longer spawn items until some of the items are collected by a player
  • item regenerators now spawn a few items whenever the server starts
  • rewrote the way item regenerators work (should hopefully improve performance)
  • nerfed turnips:
  • growth time: 7 minutes → 10 minutes
  • sell value: 40$ → 36$
  • increased apple spawn rate: 30 seconds → 75 seconds
  • crops now have an indicator for how many harvests they have left
  • rewrote the way crops work
  • npc’s now face a specific direction whenever they reach their schedule destination
  • Red Face is now more red
  • added 4 splash texts

bug fixes:

  • block deletion fade blocks selection to delete blocks behind cursor

  • fixed the building gui block spacing being weird if the player has a lot of blocks

  • fixed studs not lining up on Door Frame/Window/Full Window blocks

  • removed The Shinger

a1.0.1 (31.12.2023)
  • - added a new badge: Alpha Player
    • rebalanced turnip and cranberry qualities
    • fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to water crops that have grown in versions earlier than Alpha 1.0
    • fixed a bug where crops planted in versions earlier than Alpha 1.0 would occasionally float in the air
    • fixed a bug where resetting in the middle of dialogue would prevent you from seeing the hotkeys ui
    • fixed a bug where dropping items wouldn’t save their quality value
    • even more bug fixes not listed here because they’re too insignificant
a1.0 (31.12.2023)
  • new content:
    • added item qualities that can be obtained randomly from picking up fruits, making them sell for more money
    • added 3 tiers of watering cans
    • added 2 backpack upgrades
    • extended the island and added the park
    • brought back christmas items to the copper shed (limited time)

    new features:

    • added splash texts that show up on the main menu
    • increased the plot height from 50 studs to 100 studs
    • added a timer to growing crops
    • added a flags system that allows to save random values easily (currently used for backpacks)
    • added an item values system that allows to save item data


    • backpacks now display on the player
    • renamed the growbed to botany pot
    • moved celestia’s shop to the community garden
    • crops now need to be watered in order to grow
    • added pixel art icons to the turnip and cranberry seeds
    • rebalanced cranberries:
    • harvests: inf → 10
    • growth time: 10 minutes → 12 minutes
    • sell value: 8 → 10
    • changed the color of orange trees and apple trees to make them more distinguishable from regular trees
    • the copper construction dummies have begun construction of new projects
    • updated some dialogue for celestia, edmund and ernest
    • changed the font of proximity prompts
    • remodeled the red face
    • rewrote shelf and christmas tree code

    bug fixes:

    • fixed sentient walls

    • fixed dialogue text scaling

    • fixed misplaced parts on the map

    • fixed items in the inventory being misplaced

    • fixed a bug where you wouldn’t be able to destroy blocks for 1.5 seconds after clicking the ground

    • removed The Shinger

pre-a.1.4 (26.01.2023)
  • New content:
    • Added 2 new areas: the broken bridge and the lighthouse

    • Added 2 new badges: “King of The Valley” and “Dweller of The Depths”

    • Added 2 new npcs: Copper Construction Dummies and Ernest (revamped)

    • Changed some dialogue for Andrew

    • Added new Celestia dialogue

    • Replaced the winter map with the regular map

    • Removed the christmas items from the copper shed

    • Added a hotkey for selling all of held item

    • Added 3 new blocks:
      Copper Plate (suggested by NotRealUK)
      4x4 Copper Wall (suggested by NotRealUK)
      4x4 Wall

    Balance changes:

    • Buffed the lily of the valley sell price (30 → 85)
    • Reworked turnips (cost: 10 → 20, sell value: 17 → 40, growth time: 7 minutes → 9 minutes)
    • Nerfed cranberries (growth time: 9 minutes → 10 minutes)

    Bug fixes/other changes:

    • Reworked the way items work internally: this should allow for more complex items to be added in the future
    • Reworked the way blocks work internally to make blocks less annoying to add
    • Added support for client side modules inside of blocks (previously only had server side modules)
    • Christmas lights now use client side modules
    • Reworked npc movement to hopefully fix a bug with npcs getting stuck locally
    • Reworked the zone script to support more shapes of zones
      ^ If any new bugs pop up due to these changes then let me know asap
    • Made many improvements to building
    • Item regen cooldowns are now affected by the speed of the in game time (default is 1.25)
    • Fixed holly wreath allignment on doors
    • Fixed a weird bug where trying to stack blocks quickly would leave holes in between
pre-a.1.3 (17.12.2022)
  • New features:
    • New winter-exclusive dialogue for almost every npc
    • Completely redecorated the map to fit the winter theme
    • New winter-exclusive music
    • Added cranberries: a crop that regrows after you harvest it!
    • Added new blocks:
      Christmas Tree: a tree that you can decorate by putting items on top of it!
      Christmas Lights
      Holly Wreath
    • Reworked the tutorial: the tutorial now appears when you play for the first time instead of it being a menu button

    Other changes:

    • You can now put seeds on shelves!
    • Recolored the title screen to fit the christmas theme
    • Removed the disclaimer cause it was just annoying lol
    • Increased spawn timers for most fruits slightly
    • Changed some of the gui scaling so that the gui is bigger on high resolution monitors
    • Made some of the sfx louder so that it doesnt mix in with the music
    • Increased the item despawn timer (5 minutes → 15 minutes)

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a rotation exploit
    • Fixed edmund getting stuck on stairs (hopefully)
    • Fixed a bug where the block selection boxes were hard to hit
    • Fixed a bug that would make you stuck in place when you reset in the middle of a conversation
    • Fixed being able to get on top of the copper shed
    • Fixed the inventory hotkey being visible while in a conversation
    • Fixed night lighting being overly dark
    • Fixed the item hold animation getting cancelled when entering a conversation
    • Fixed being able to sell multiple items at once really quickly by spamming x
pre-a.1.2 (28.11.2022)
  • - Added a few new blocks:


    Stud (suggested by NotRealUK)

    Roofstud (suggested by NotRealUK)

    Display stand (suggested by Xenixis)

    Full window wall (suggested by Xenixis)

    Thick pillar (suggested by Xenixis)

    Small platform (suggested by Xenixis)

    • Added another selling well in the apple tree ranch
    • Changed the hillside sell zone model

    • Slightly adjusted the growbed model

    • Slightly sped up time

    • Changed a bunch of building ui block positions

    • Changed lanterns to cast shadows

    • ATTEMPTED to fix roof models

    • Few bug fixes and other changes

pre-a.1.1 (27.11.2022)
  • - Added red, blue, green and yellow bloonberries! these are berries that spawn on bushes all around the starter island, try to find them all!
    • Added a new block: Copper Slide Roof Strap

    • Added a tutorial button in the main menu

    • Added a sound effect to picking up items

    • Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes

pre-a.1.0 (26.11.2022)
  • The game's demo has been released! As of right now it features:
    • 1 fully fletched area - the starter island

    • 4 NPC’s to discover

    • 13 blocks to place on your plot

    • 7 items to find

    • and a bunch of other cool stuff!