Blockbotany Update Log

Click this link to play the game!

pre-a.1.1 (27.11.2022)
  • - Added red, blue, green and yellow bloonberries! these are berries that spawn on bushes all around the starter island, try to find them all!
    • Added a new block: Copper Slide Roof Strap

    • Added a tutorial button in the main menu

    • Added a sound effect to picking up items

    • Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes

pre-a.1.0 (26.11.2022)
  • The game's demo has been released! As of right now it features:
    • 1 fully fletched area - the starter island

    • 4 NPC’s to discover

    • 13 blocks to place on your plot

    • 7 items to find

    • and a bunch of other cool stuff!