Blocks and Camera View Help

Hello all, I’m not entirely sure if this post is for this sub, please move if not.

I’m currently making a elevator system, with water, when the raft goes down theres water there to give some immersion you are getting lowered into water but when you’re actually getting lowered the water basically isn’t there, the camera doesn’t show it.

Here is the water from the top view

Side View

My question is, does anyone know how to stop this, is there any fix?


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Just edited for clearer wording

Still confused on what you’re asking though. Could you clarify?

I have one part of water, and when i lower the raft, the player sees through the part, I want to make it so the player does see the part, so it looks like there is water around him, if that helps

Ah, I see. To make this effect, do one of the following:

  • Code a water system
  • Use water terrain

A part is made of (12) triangles that are rendered from the outside of the block only.