Blocks Placement System to Grid Remastered

Hello. I made a small project and I want to share it with other people. It is an improved version of my free model made in 2021. The general concept of the open sourced project is explained in the title. Players are allowed to place blocks (snapped to grid) and destroy these blocks. Here are all features of this project:

  1. Blocks placement system;
  2. Blocks destroying system;
  3. Anti-cheat system (only for the tools in the experience);
  4. Customizable building tools (I explained it below).

Here are three tools (all of these can be duplicated to suit Your needs):
The tools have few customizable attributes:

  1. CanFloat - definies if a block can be a part of a “floating island”. This block can make other blocks with CanFloat set to false float. I showed this mechanic below in the video,
  2. Color - definies the color of placed blocks;
  3. IsColorRandom - if set to true, it randomizes colors for each placed block (and overwrites Color attribute);
  4. Material - definies material of placed blocks;
  5. MaxDistance - this attribute is common to the building tools and to the destroying tool. It definies the maximum distance of placing and destroying blocks.

The attributes can be dynamically changed by scripts in-game and the tools will adjust to the changes made in the attributes.

The video of the tools in action is here:
robloxapp-20230407-1753539.wmv (5.5 MB)
Here is a link to the project, feel free to download it:

You can also compare it to my orginal version:
Let me know if You have any questions. Have a nice day!


This system looks oddly familiar to the system the game called “Blocks!” has.