Blocky Barn with small details

Hello there Dev forum community I need some feedback on my blocky barn I just finished after a couple of hours of building it in studio, I’m pretty satisfied with the building but it feels like the walls/bottom part of the barn is quite empty and I’m not sure what more to add to give some more details to the barn. Hoping to get some constructive feedback here. :3


Well, maybe add some things on the outside, like Hay Bales (My favorite!), a tractor maybe?, and on the barn, maybe an open window above the door with the door swinging like a hinge. Overall, not bad!

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Thank you! I actually considered adding Hay bales but I didn’t want to add any small stuff that aren’t part of the barn because I just wanted the actual barn to get some feedback on because this barn will be the main building on one of my upcoming ‘‘hangout’’