Blocky Island [BETA] Devlog

Official Devlog made by ValkryieDominus / AbeTGT, game made by AbeTGT
Play here: :desert_island: Blocky Island [BETA]
Devlog intended only for players to see the Patch Notes without having to enter the game.

v0.1.461 - 🌀 TURRETS + PEARLS! (24/12/2021)

:hourglass: Added a NEW YEAR countdown inside of the lobby
:world_map: Added New Map: Tundra
:mountain: Blocky Cave is now OPEN! (It’s not interesting, I didn’t add much)
:test_tube: Fixed invisible potion name tag bug (for real this time)
:x: Fixed anticheat kicking you for failing at the obby
:fire: Buffed Flamethrower to 8 ticks per half a second instead of 7
:gift: Removed Christmas Presents
:spiral_notepad: Changed patch notes UI (looks cool now!)
:lady_beetle: Removed map: Desert (bugs with the turrets and such)
:alarm_clock: Changed intermission time from 20 > 30 seconds
:zap: Bug fixes

v0.1.324 - 🔥 FLAMETHROWER! (18/12/2021)

There’s a new, limited time FLAMETHROWER! Burn people and deal 7 damage every half a second.
Finally, I made it. You can now use SHIFT to sprint. Currently not supported on mobile, unfortunately. Shift lock has also been set to CTRL instead of SHIFT.
• Other Changes:

  • :snowflake: Got rid of snowflakes (sad, they were a pain to code)
  • :face_with_head_bandage: Added damage indicators
  • :notes: Changed the lobby and EOR music (should see a huge difference!)
  • :crossed_swords: Changed all sword animations
  • :hospital: Changed the health bar UI to something more noticeable and tidy
  • :watch: Changed the spectate menu
  • :zap: Fixed a few bugs
v0.1.202 - HUGE CHRISTMAS UPDATE PART 1! (11/12/2021)

The Christmas Event lasts until 20th January, and you can get special rewards from completing the events! Limited time only.
:mountain: BLOCKY CAVE!
This cave is currently under construction, but will later have fun stuff to do while you wait for the next round!
:hammer: BAN SYSTEM!
Beware, as a new ban system has entered Blocky Island. If banned, you are banned permanently.
The new door system now says “15 Wins Required” etc. in the lobby for certain places.
:shushing_face: SECRET!
Only 1% of Players might find this…
• Other Changes:

  • :bow_and_arrow: Made the bow cooldown longer to avoid frequent spammers
  • :package: There are now chests on every single map (in mid)
  • :fallen_leaf: Fall damage now exists
  • :test_tube: Fixed where an invisible potion would still show your name tag
  • :zap: Fixed a few bugs
v0.1.84 - Coming Soon (2/12/2021)
  • Changed game title to “:desert_island: Blocky Island [BETA] :grey_question: UPDATE SOON”
  • Added ??? board in game
v0.1.0 - INFECTION MODE + GAME RELEASE! (26/11/2021)
  • Released game!
  • Added Infection Mode
  • Added obby
  • Game title: " [:biohazard:] :desert_island: Blocky Island [BETA] INFECTION!"