Blocky - Rules for public servers and private servers

Here are the basic rules.

Basic Rule 1

Do not spam

This rule also applies to private servers

Don’t spam in chat. Every chat must be meaningful. Also, do not chat memes.

Basic Rule 2

Do not behave inappropriately

This rule also applies to private servers

Be polite. Aggression and profanity directed at other users are not allowed. Personal attacks and trolling are not allowed. Controversial subjects such as politics and religion are also not allowed. Profanity is also not allowed. Content that is not-safe-for-work, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, is not allowed.

All rules

# Rule Violation score Punishment given Applies to public servers Applies to private servers
1 Claiming others’ work as your own +P3 5 Day Ban Yes
2 Extreme language / inappropriate language directed at other users +P2 3 Day Ban Yes Yes
3 Trolling, flaming, personal attacks +P1 Warning Yes Yes
4 Insulting or derogatory place +P2 3 Day Ban Yes
5 Abusing the place, chat report system to maliciously delete place or ban people (This rule applies to Report System) +P3 5 Day Ban
6 Spamming in chat +P2 3 Day Ban Yes Yes
7 Meme, meme-related speech +P1 Warning Yes Depending on the place setting
8 Chat reproduction steps to exploits publicly +P4 Perm Ban Yes Yes
9 Posting giveaways +P2 3 Day Ban Yes Yes
10 Use of exploits +P4 Perm Ban Yes Yes
11 Roblox ToS Violation Depends on Violation Depends on Violation Yes Yes
This rule was created with reference to Roblox’s Developer Forum rule.

How system works

If the rule is violated, the user will receive a Violation score.
If the Violation score exceeds P4, the user will be Perm Banned.

In addition, there are penalties depending on the score when you receive it.

Violation score Punishment given
P1 Recive warning
P2 3 Day Ban
P3 5 Day Ban
P4 Perm Ban
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