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Since Roblox is a platform in which anyone can create - experienced or not - I think it would be really helpful to the community if there were blog posts that give detailed tutorials or tips on different aspects of game development.

There’s a lot of users who make games and expect them to become popular, but don’t understand that they should be putting in research to get the most out of it. Some games might have a cool concept, but a lot of them have poor execution (ie. UI design, control scheme). Simple blog posts with lots of examples, and real game design concepts would be great.

An example of what I am thinking of, is what Kongregate’s blog posts present. They provide real examples from games both inside and outside of their platform. And give examples of third-party websites or programs that could be used to produce high-quality assets, learn useful concepts, or get inspiration.
I guess as a reference, my favourite blog posts on Kongregate would be:

Also just putting it out there, but I’d love to see blog posts about player retention and first impressions. There’s a lot of games on Roblox that give a bad first impression (early public release) and end up killing their overall player retention.


Although I love the idea I don’t think blog posts are popular enough - as in they don’t get many views from the users themselves. I think the wiki is more popular and probably also more suitable for some game design tutorials. Additionally we as devforum members could also make some more tutorials and try to get them in the public section of this forum.

An alternative is we could possibly make blog-based posts here and make them public. I actually had plans to type up a few for the designs of Ultimate Boxing (ex: Rounds, data saving, network scaling/replication, etc), and I am sure more of us could do the same… however I doubt they have a spot in a forum.

I do plan to finish up my blog articles soonTM and release them on a Google site, but getting people to see it is a matter of “good luck”.

I would love to make articles and tutorials but my main apprehension that’s holding me back is the fact that I want to be able to share them as my opinion from my experience as opposed to officially approved posts which is what I feel like the current tutorials are. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I feel about it right now. I would love it if there was a public section where we could post helpful tips and tricks articles that aren’t necessarily official but that the community could benefit from.

@penguinMikeDavis could you confirm/establish/re-establish what the tutorials section is meant for and what it takes to get stuff on there?

I’d appreciate even being able to have access to post public articles that support proper formatting (embedded images, links, bold, etc) regardless of whether it was through the developer forums, a revamp of the normal forums (where we could link premoderated decals), or anything else.

Part of the goal here is to make the Roblox blog part of Roblox’s SEO strategy by pulling in new game developers looking for information on topics. In this way, this feels like a good idea.

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This would be great for the community.

Content like @Quenty “Hidden” blog type thing would be awsome.