Blood Rush **CLOSED**

Blood Rush

Hello, me and my team are in need of great UI and scripters! That being said we see a future in this game and with the type of progress happening we would like to find them fast! We are willing to discuss the prices for everyone and always open to new ideas. Once we get to know each person we will provide you with the information needed for the UI’s and scripts. If you have any more questions, ask away as I will be delighted to answer them!

@sixwoods @urwrId- Clothing designers
@TorontoZero - Scripter
@TixLumb - UI
@NO4HHHH - Modeler
@synpletic @CodeZeroGamin -Builders

About The Job
We are looking for professional UI designers and scripters to aboard our team. We plan to see this game explode when everything is done, and all is left is you guys! That being said we do need some animations to be done, and I am hoping that some people will be able to do that. It is as simple as a throwing animation and other things!

We do not have a due date, but we are looking to see progress happen every day. If that is not exceeded we would have to figure something out.

We are unsure how much you would be looking for so we are open to talk about it. We can do USD and robux, if that does not work out well we can provide a percentage.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:
You can also contact me on Discord: Alex.#1408
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Can you provide info as to what the game will be about? A simple summary will do.

Any need for a GFX artist?

A thumbnail for a gory game like this sounds interesting to me tbh.

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