Blood toggle on Xbox?

I’m wondering if I can have blood in my game, as long as it has a toggle that is forced off when a player is on Xbox? The game is for all platforms.


There’s no way to detect if a user is on Xbox. How would you do it?

You could ask at the start, or check their input

They can plug in a keyboard though.

(You can plug-in a Keyboard to an XBox?)
Then your best bet is to have them to answer a question

They can always lie. A PC user could also plug in an Xbox controller and unplug their mouse and keyboard.

You can, actually. It’s pretty simple:

local guiService = game:GetService("GuiService")

if guiService:IsTenFootInterface() then
    -- player is on xbox

GuiService:IsTenFootInterface() will always return true if the player is on console, and will always return false if they’re not, no matter if they have a keyboard plugged in or something.

Interesting, I never knew that. But wouldn’t it falsely trigger for VR-Enabled users as well?

As in falsely, I mean that you don’t want to filter VR users.

I’m not sure if it checks VR, but just in case, you can check with UserInputService.VREnabled.

local guiService = game:GetService("GuiService")
local userInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

if guiService:IsTenFootInterface() and not userInputService.VREnabled then
    -- player is on xbox

Why wouldn’t you just have a blood toggle for everyone?
If you use PolicyService you could also hide the toggle for users under 13 to keep a lower age rating. (Probably 9+ assuming there is fighting or violence)

I think it would be best if everybody got a blood toggle (default on) and you just hide and disable it for Xbox and under 13 users.

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