Blotnik Portfolio [2019] Builder, and Clothing Artist

About Me

Hey! I’m Blotnik, formerly known as Sheeppie and Shylocke. I’ve been designing clothes on Roblox for around 10 years now and have been building around the same.


Heres where you can find all my for sale clothing! Catalog - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my favorite builds


Here are some examples of my Clothing


I am typically available on weekends but will respond to messages on weekdays.


You can contact me on

Twitter Dms:

Thanks for checking out my stuff!


I love all of your work! How do you present your clothing like that?

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Thanks! And I made a front face template and just placed the proper faces onto the template. Here it is feel free to use it!


I gave it a shot using your template, (I had to resize them)


Wow! really nice work. Do you use Paint dot net? I am not that great at making clothing, but I would love to get into it. Also, what do you accept payment wise? How much would we have to pay for you to make clothing for us? It would be nice to add a payment section.


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Wow, I love your clothing do you have any fantasy coat kind of thing maybe in red like the one before the last, the green one if so could you please give me da?

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Have one in black and blue, not red yet though.

I use Gimp. I typically accept robux but I have a large amount of commissions at the moment so I probably shouldn’t accept any until they’re done.

could you please give me the link to that so I could check it out?

Wow! These clothing has nice line out. The designs are high quality. The shading gives me a little bit of nostalgia to me :slight_smile:


I’m too lazy to send a Twitter DM, think you can add me on my Discord: GeorgeW#8367

Really nice clothing and builds!
As for the clothing, you should try to add a bit more shading to the overall design so it has a more realistic tone.
But in overall really nice lol!

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I’m am very interested in hiring you for some clothing, are you still taking commissions?

I’ve worked with Blotnik, he’s great at clothing creations and general game design.


Hey Blotnik have you discord?
i’m interessed

he already answered this G I M P