Blox-Land Coffee | Staff Guidelines

Blox-Land Coffee | Staff Guidelines

The following guidelines stand for ALL staff working for BLC and if not followed, will result in punishment.

  • Always remain mature and use grammar when representing Blox-Land Coffee.

  • Respect all ranks (higher or lower) in the staff team.

  • Do not hint/ask for promotions from higher ranks.

  • Do not use bad/offensive language when representing Blox-Land Coffee.

  • Do not start drama within Blox-Land Coffee.

  • Show respect to everybody when representing Blox-Land Coffee.

  • Do not troll or do any actions that could count as trolling.

  • Do not harass/bully customers or other staff members.

Staff Uniform Policy

  • All LRs are REQUIRED to wear the Blox-Land Coffee uniform at all times when on duty.

  • MR ranks and above are allowed to wear the uniform or may wear their own clothing as long as it is professional and sensible.