Blox To Life [Update 3]

Version 0.11.0

(late) Halloween Update!

Character Updates
Quenty (No icons yet)
Be prepared to blast and slash your way to victory with the most

explosive character to date!

  • Cannons - Quenty places a cannon at his feet that will fire on his command!

  • Dive Down - Quenty quickly dives under water which drowns enemies and protects himself from all damage.

  • Sword Upgrade - Quenty powers up and has the choice of making his sword larger or do more damage.

  • I Am The Ship - Quenty channels his inner power and transforms himself into a boat giving him a shield, sail, and hand cannon to attack with.

Level Updates

  • New Halloween themed lobby map! We moved a few things around

and put up some decor.

  • New Halloween Level! Defend the candy and face off against a powerful foe in order to earn the Headless Horseman Toy! (Not available for use yet, but you will have him on release)

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of internal bug fixes

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