Blox To Life [Update 4]

  • Fixed ‘Leave Party’ button, it now shows up when you join a party
  • Party fixes, if the leader leaves the party the entire party will disband
  • Added skip preload button to skip the preloading of assets which sometimes holds up the loading process. This will NOT however skip the loading of toys which are a mandatory load to the starting screen

  • Removed Halloween Event and restored map back to its normal state
  • Added a Lobby Helper system which should auto adjust to what progress you’ve made in the game and help you determine what to do next
  • Also added an option in the settings (not main screen settings), to enable/disable this UI piece. This setting doesn’t save, but will in the future. It will always reset to ‘on’ for the time being.

  • Added a path to show you were to go, this can also be toggled off using the above setting

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