Blox Worlds v.0.41-v.0.46

Blox Worlds has received such a long update log, I had to post it here:

v.0.41-0.46 Update Log:

  • ADDED TIN ORE (Lead & Iron Ore Coming Soon)
  • new sky
  • tin sword
  • copper shovel
  • tin bar
  • zombie king
  • crowned brain
  • zombie brain
  • zombie crown
  • zombie drop item scripts have changed to be randomized like the trees. (this does not apply to underground zombies or goblins at the moment)
  • copper pickaxe (used to mine tin)
  • Extended And Made Map Bigger And Deeper
  • Added Grenades
  • Max Camera Distance was changed from 30 to 35.
  • Added Goblins
  • 13 New Death Messages Were Added.
  • added wobble effect
  • removed the old squirells
  • added rabbits (not actually in game yet)
  • added raw rabbit meat (not actually in game yet)
  • added cooked rabbit meat (not actually in game yet)
  • made rotten flesh, raw chicken, cooked chicken, goblin flesh, raw rabbit, cooked rabbit, bigger.
  • made dynamite sticks stronger
  • added crates (treasure chest type)
  • added bombs
  • punching people is better and more randomized
  • edited the dynamite tool tip
  • removed some legacy stuff
  • polished terrain
  • dynamite now goes away after one use
  • edited pot drop rates
  • balanced swords
  • rain cloud fixes? maybe it works better now?
  • pickaxe balancing and changes
  • skull is now bigger
  • added life crystals (max health increasers)
  • ui changes
  • grappling hook and fire fly jar

Since this is my first update log posted on the dev fourm for this game, you can play it here:

please like and fav if u like it, and report any bugs to me…