BloxAPIs [BETA] - Connect API with custom advance config

BloxAPIs is roblox lua programming library. BloxAPIs can connect API with advance option (header, content-type, method, etc.)

this is example script to use it :

local BloxAPI = require(13126201888)

local data = BloxAPI:send({
    ["url"] = "",     -- Must Have
    ["method"] =,            -- Must Have
    ["data"] = '"my-game":"idk", "key":19882',
    ["content_type"] = BloxAPI.content_type.application.json,
    ["api_key"] = "123456789",
    ["header"] = false,
    ["success"] = function(respons)  -- Line 10
    ["error"] = function()
        error("Unknow Error.")

This is example output :

    ["status"] = "success",
    ["message"] = "",
    ["data"] = {
        ["number"] = 123,
        ["locate"] = "Asia/Bankok"
-- Peak at previous code line 10

If you have problem, question, comment or want something more please post or comment it below this topic. Thank :smile:

Why would someone use this over something like RequestAsync in HttpService? Iā€™d love to know if this has more functionality somehow.


It function to read webpage data like AJAX. In HTTP Service have only one function to read webpage (API). You can learn more at HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation