Bloxco Supermarket - Admin Guidelines


Bloxco Supermarket will not tolerate any inappropriate use of admin. Admin should only be used for important reasons. Below will be some of our rules, keep in mind we can’t list everything so please use some common sense.

Medium Rank Admin

All MR ranks will receive Moderator admin. This admin can be used to handle Trollers, Register abuses, etc. This rank is able to kick. You may only kick someone if they have three warnings, or abusing the register in some way. You may not use any fun commands such as :music, :fly, etc. Do not use :m for any unnecessary reasons such as “Come outside!” or “Hello!”.

High Rank Admin

All HR’s receive Administrator permissions in-game to help handle situations. They get access to more commands such as ban, sm, etc. Banning should only be done if a user has been kicked 3 times or if they are exploiting. You may not use this for fun, or as a joke.