Bloxco Supermarket Training Guide

Bloxco Supermarket Training Guide

Before you host a training please read:
You must claim a training on our Trello, you can find that in #Staff-Information on our Communications server.
Important: In game anyone FF’d passed and will be promoted.

Announcement Template: Announce the session on the Group Page , and on our Communications server. You must use the following template for the specific platform.

Communications Server

@Trainee Staff Member your username is hosting a training session down at the Training center, head on down to get trained! Training Center - Roblox

To post the announcement on the group page go into the communications server bot commands and do the following below:

Group Shout

s!shout TRAINING | your username is hosting a session down at the training center, come on down to be trained! Training Center - Roblox

Host Guide:

  1. Post an announcement regarding the session, look above for directions.
  2. Wait for the session to commence, you must be in the game while waiting. Take this time answering questions and assisting those in needs.
  3. Turn on the ArgoBoard pressing the power button.
  4. Click the frame of the computer
  5. Press the PowerPoint icon on the bottom of the computer screen and press “Open” on the powerpoint. Ensure you leave enough time between slides for them to ask questions & to read it.


Thank you for being a Trainer in this session, while the host is doing their briefing, please choose 5, a max of 6, trainees that you will be training. Keep track of who you picked. Once the briefing is completed you may teleport them to your station and complete the following guide. Anything that is in italics you do not say.

Hello, I’m your roblox name! I will be your trainer today. Before we begin does anyone have any questions?
wait a few seconds
As the Host mentioned you will require 3 total points in order to pass today, that will be a greeting, trolling test, and correct usage of the self-checkouts.
wait a few seconds
First we will start off with a greeting. A Bloxco greeting can look like this…
wait a second
Hello, welcome to Bloxco! How may I help you?
That is an example greeting, you can customize it as you’d like.
wait a few seconds
Now I’m going to pm all of you for your greeting, please respond.
say: :pm %yourteam What’s your greeting? for example: :pm %1 What’s your greeting?
take time to correct anyone as needed. and if they fail do a strike by naming them
Now let’s move onto the checkout portion! I’m going to give you a card, do not do anything with it until I say so.
:give %yourteam SC
To open a register press “Store Login” and scan your card. If a blue screen appears please press the button on the very bottom left.
wait and help anyone who is having issues
Anytime you see a red light above a register please approach it and observe what is going on. That could be an age restricted item, or assistance needed call.
:give %yourteam Pump
I have given everyone a pumpkin pie, please scan it 5 times.
Now scan your login card.
Press assist mode.
Then edit basket in the top right
Clear all.
That is how you clear (void) a transaction.
Now it’s time for the trolling portion!
Here at Bloxco everyone get’s a max of 3 warnings before a kick, the only exception being exploiters. They get banned.
When someone reaches max warnings you’d call for an HR in our communications server.
For just today in the training center instead of calling an HR please say “Calls HR”.
Let’s begin the trolling test!
Go up to them and troll and ensure 3 warnings, and that they “called an HR” if they pass please use :ff to force field them then send them to the lobby.