BloxConnect - Easy Moderation

With BloxConnect, moderation becomes effortless. Moderate your game with discord to roblox commands such as:

  • /rokick [Player] [Reason]
  • /roban [Player] [Reason]
  • /rounban [Player]
  • /getinfo [Player]
  • /rosetdatastore [DataStore] [DataStoreType] [Key] [Value]

Video Demo:
Discord: BloxConnect

Setup is easy, as we will provide assistance for every step of the way! There is a /setup command, where all you need to enter is your UniverseId and API Key!


  • R$ 1,000 / Month
    (Prices are subject to change, and also negotiable.)

Join our discord to buy, ask questions, make suggestions, anything!

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

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Why would someone pay 1k a month for this when they are tutorial online on how to set this up for free.

also [V2] Discord-To-Roblox Ban bot | 100% Free, End User Friendly & Stable!


I do agree, I get hosting is a lot, but 1,000 is a lot for something like this.

We are aware that some users may think are pricing is unfair for users. But we plan to supply users with custom commands. We currently offer a 3 day free trial for users wanting to explore are services. Also stated in the original post the price is negotiable.

Are current commands are Ban, Kick, Unban, and Edit data store. We also are working on multiple tiers to make it more accessible to smaller developers. But as of now since the resource is still in beta we have to charge a little higher until we get going.

We also host it with are own bot instead of you hosting your own, we work to manage users data safely to prevent potential data leaks. Are setup is also super easy you just have to install the script and edit the universal id and guild id. We also offer 24/7 support for any issues you encounter.

If you are interested in testing are resource feel free to join are discord server and open a ticket and we’ll be happy to get you a free trial.

We understand that R$ 1,000 can be considered a lot for a resource like this but are goal is to provide a seamless experience for all developers using are resource.


No one is going to faill for this scam.

Here’s what I’d do. As soon as you implement enough commands, make a list:
Essential - Such as kick / ban, info, mute
Premium - Such as tempban, tempmute, datastores
Corporate - Using the discord buttons feature, custom bot, api, etc etc
Custom - Meet custom customers needs

Make Essential free to gain users
Charge a very small fee for premium (like 100-250 robux a month)
Corporate - 1000 - 2500
Custom - Give them a price based on what they want

Currently working on this should be done in around a week!

Bit confused? There is no scam we offer free trials and everything. If you’d like to learn more open a ticket on are discord server.

You’re selling something that is already free and labeling a price tag on it.

Wrong category since you are selling something and it isn’t a resource. Not to be mean but this is really pointless and can be done easily for free with tutorials and already free bots. Charging for this is honestly ridiculous. Especially since it is a monthly fee.

No need for this, and the fact it costs 1K / MONTH is ridiculous

I wish it was free and you had an option to donate but I unfortunately do not own the resource I am just an administrator for it. If it was up to me it would be free.

Who let this guy cook.

1k robux a month for a tool with a set of limited commands that might not even be compatible with every game’s structure, that we can do better for free.

Do not cook again lil bro.

As stated I DO NOT own the resource I only am a administrator and they have asked me to post this. I would 100% have set it to free if I would’ve owned but as I have already stated I have no control over product quality or the pricing if you’d like to complain please open a ticket on discord.

I honestly wish I had control over this but I sadly do not.

Dang, then they must have not posted it themselves because they were embarrassed.

I have a couple free resources but this is not one that I own. I am working on a bot like this that will be publicly available with a choice to donate.

They where pricing it at 3,000 but I manged to bring them down to 1,000. :skull:

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Ok but what guaranty would I have with you guys, how do ik someone working on this can’t just go roage and just leak data or found a way to mess up my game with your tools.

What makes the price 1k a month… Why such a price for something I can do, possibly for free.

I understand the people who made this want to be pay for their work, but why is it a monthly payment for something I put in my game once and never change again.

What happens if I can’t pay? Do you just unban all the ban player in my game?

How do I know you or the staff on this won’t possibly add a backdoor to this or possibly prevent me from banning their user in my own game

Is this project open source, or do I have to put your obfuscated source in my game?

What happen when you guys stop working on the project… Do I just lost all administrative power i pay for? Is there a way to change your bot api, so I could use your source but with my own hosted bot?

Also personally…

/rokick [Player] [Reason]
/roban [Player] [Reason]
/rounban [Player]
/getinfo [Player]
/rosetdatastore [DataStore] [DataStoreType] [Key] [Value] ~ (are they safety in place to not let user just edit any data...)

paying 1k or basically 15$ for me a month, just to i can type 5 command… come on man
If you expect me or anyone to use this… or pay such price, man you should add a lot more default command…

for example:

/rostaff [Player] ~ basically let player run command in game (could be temp or always)
/roshutdown ~ self-explanatory (could use server ID for a specific server)
/rostats ~ would return current server stats (could be customized to dev's need)
/rofind [Player] ~ using teleport service or messaging api, return a player server id possible a link to join it (bloxstrap link possibly) -- this only work if the player is in your game so it's not abusive (roblox api limit)
/rosessionban [Player] ~ basically ban the player from their current server only
/rolist ~ could return servers id list (could be dev choice)

Load of questions currently asking my boss all of these lol. Will give you a answer shortly