BloxCry Primal GFX

New GFX I made for fun, I’d appreciate feedback


Well, the “Primal” text is eh, doesn’t really fit that environment, I also suggest adding more lighting and effects to the character, they just look out of place. Aside from that, it’s alright.

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It looks good, I agree with LittleJackBlocks about the Primal text and lighting. If you do make some changes, be sure to post the final result as I would like to see how this looks like at the end.

okay thanks for the feedback, I’ve fixed up the lighting what abt the text, how do you think ‘primal’
could fit more to the environment?

Oh, and also, if you used blender, try to make the background yourself, adds natural shadows and makes the GFX overall better!

You see, I would but the point of doing this was to be more adept in photo manipulation. Though blender might be more realistic with lighting and shadows I think modelling a forest and a cave would be a bit to tedious for 1 Gfx

Also I think the models would look less realistic then an image

True, I didn’t say you should, but I think that’s a good practice, anyway, good job on it. It just lacks a bit of lighting.

Yeah I noticed that and fixed it up after you gave me feedback, would you mind telling me how to mack the ‘Primal’ part better?

I guess try adding a green yellow-ish outer glow.

Yeah, I think that the GFX quailty is pretty good. My only concern is the lighting. Maybe add more light features to it? Thats all I gotta say for this. Well done