Bloxikin System

So there was this one model that was called Multi Purpose Module I downloaded it looked at it in more depth, I found bloxikin module that caught my attention I have a post about it open but didnt figure out how to start it, I finally made it work after debugging

I’m making it open sourced feel free to take! Any bugs please send me a DM!


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This is pretty good. I noticed that there is a box that you can put your username in. Does that spawn in a bloxikin version of whoever’s avatar is from the username? I’ve tried this and it just gives me a gray blank bloxikin. Or do I have to make the bloxikin myself and put it into designs for it to work?


you can only type the characters when you click bloxikin characters. though i also agree with the feature to type usernames of other players too!


Yep u have to make one urself and put the accessory ideas in designs script u can use templates included soo ye

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I will try to make that in the future!

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Guys blank bloxikin avatar means the username is wrong or is not in the “Designs” module!!!

Nice! I’ve always thought that BLOXikins were super cute. I regret not being able to collect more during the 2013 Halloween event; but that map was just way too oversized for me to trudge through the grind. I remember seeing lots of scripts that converted player characters into BLOXikins in the past; though I figured they were all long broken by now. Glad you got one working–should be good reference material for a more modern implementation.

It was around the time that Roblox was working on improving load times. They wanted to showcase the engine’s ability to handle massive maps, so they deliberately made it excessively oversized. You can call it an excuse from the privilege of the present; but after you’ve spent a few hours walking down those seemingly endless streets of copy and pasted houses, you really start to evaluate what’s important in life. And as it turns out, what’s most important is staying far far away from Roblox Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour.

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but that map was just way too oversized for me to trudge through the grind

I smell an EXCUSE.