Bloxland Cafe Training Guidelines

Posted on behalf of SpyroTGC, I take no credit for any of this.

During a training it must be announced at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. It must be announced both on the discord and group page. If it is not announced and a SR sees activity at the Training centre they may come down and terminate the training.

Who can host trainings?

I would allow Staff Assistant to host but they can not they are allowed to do which ever job in the café. They may help out in the training but may not host.

Supervisor - Must ask a HR , For example management , to host this training supplying an appropriate time of this training.

Shift Management+ - May host training permission is not required to host a training.

The Assistant Director+ - As an SR you may host all events along with Staff trainings. Staff trainings may only be held once a month and these will improve staff ability.


Upon joining the Trainer’s and Host will go to the stage and wait for the scheduled start time once the start time has hit the Host will lock the server and begin the rules before beginning the rules he must pick trainers for the trainees. He will introduce himself during the briefing stage and the trainer’s along with the rules.

A safe chat test will then take place where all trainees will be asked to say C7RN, if they tag then they have safe chat and cannot continue with training, they then must be kicked.

After the briefing has finished he will then allow the trainer’s to go and begin their trainers. Each trainer will begin with a grammar test if they get 3 grammar strikes in the entirety of the training they will be failed.

After the Trainer’s have finished they should go to the main hall where the stage is located and prepare results for the trainees.

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