BloxScan - Script Scanner plugin

Blox Scan

Blox Scan is a super simple plugin, within one click it scans all the scripts in the game. I am currently developing this as a personal plugin for my self but I can release it to the public. (tell me what you think) The UI was based on a modern design to add a professional look to the plugin.


  • Fast response to scanning
  • Easy to use system
  • Much more coming soon
  • SmartScan (coming in future)

Showcase: (theres no blur in the backround with the real plugin just for a much more realistic showcase)


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I got super intrigued once it said Scan all scripts

Does it scan for

  1. Backdoors
  2. Viruses
  3. Errors
  4. Unusable audio
  5. Anything else

If it does the first 2, I will want to use this SO MUCH
But if not, I will still use it

That is if you make it a resource


It does the first two, but with the upcoming SmartScan feature it make you able to scan more then viruses and backdoors.


Another thing to add is that, I am unfortunately not planning to release this to the public.

Ok, it is a nice plugin though

Good luck

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Alright, I like the idea but seems like I wouldn’t use this and there’s only one reason why:

Most script scanners scan for stuff like getfenv(), setfenv(), and require(), but I use those functions a lot. A LOT in BaseAdmin’s ENV commands. So I would not really use something like this (the results will be cluttered and I wouldn’t know if anything is malicious).

I might make a plugin that replaces dead audio with random stuff from the toolbox to encourage users to replace it.